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Fully automatic trace moisture analyzer

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1. Adopt 7-inch color LCD touch screen display, touch screen button control, software interface rich content, operation content Chinese character prompt, flexible and convenient.
2. The sample measurement process is automatically controlled by the instrument, and the stirring and measurement are automatically completed in about 60 seconds, and the measurement results are directly displayed.
3. Fully sealed titration tank bottle to avoid contact between reagents and people, and also to avoid the influence of environmental humidity.
4. It can perform micro-analysis of low-content samples with high sensitivity.
5. Display clock (year, month, day, hour, minute, second), power-down hold.
6. Printer: thermal type, 36 characters, Chinese character output.
7. Adopt program control, directly input the number from the interface to adjust the stirring speed.
8. A variety of formula selection, automatic change of display unit (ug, mg/L, ppm, %) can be memorized.
9. It has the function of automatic calculation and printing, and can print out the percentage content, sample number, tester, experiment date, etc.


1. Power supply: AC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz; Power: 40W
2.Display mode: LCD color 7 inch LCD touch screen
3.Measuring range: 10μg/g~100mg/g water 4.Sensitivity: ≤0.1μg 5.Accuracy: The error below 1mg water
is less than ±5μg

6.Sensor: Karl Fischer moisture detection
7. Titration control: current control 8.Titration speed: the maximum value is not less than 2.0mg/min
9.Stirring method: magnetic stirring
10.Built-in function: intelligent control
alarm, historical record storage 11.Test results: storage
and printing
12.Machine power: less than 60W
13. Ambient temperature: 5°C~40°C
14. Relative humidity: <85%

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