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Portable ultrasonic flow meter

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1. The linearity is better than 0.5%, the repeatability accuracy is better than 0.2%, and the measurement accuracy is better than 1%;
2. The magnetic ultrasonic flowmeter sensor is adsorbed on the outer wall of the pipeline to complete the flow measurement;
3. Different types of sensors are selected to measure the flow rate of DN15-DN6000 pipeline;
4. Different versions of flowmeter can support Chinese or English menu, which is convenient and fast;
5. Built-in large-capacity nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery, which can support the continuous work of the flowmeter for more than 20 hours;
6. It can realize instant screen printing, and can also print the measurement results of up to 20 items set in advance at regular intervals;
7. The measurement results of up to 20 items set in advance can be uploaded to the computer or the Internet.


1. Host: 2*20 dot matrix backlight LCD monitor, working temperature: -20-60°C - 24 columns of characters for the printer output - micro thermal printer
with 4 columns of characters - 4*2+232 type touch keyboard
- data interface RS-2
1. Main functions: for liquid flow detection in pipelines made of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, PVC
, aluminum, FRP and other materials
Sensor:-Standard TS-15 Applicable pipe diameter: DN100-DN110mm Fluid temperature≤1°C-Standard TM-50 Applicable pipe diameter: DN1000-DN110mmFluid temperature≤1°C-Standard TL-300 Applicable pipe diameter:
DN6000-DN110mm Fluid temperature≤1°C

- High Temperature Small HTS-15 Applicable Pipe Diameter: DN100-DN160mmFluid Temperature≤1°C-High Temperature Medium HTM-50 Applicable Pipe Diameter: DN1000-DN160mmFluid Temperature≤3°C

4.Measuring medium: water, seawater, industrial sewage, acid and alkali, various oils and other liquids
that can be transmitted to sound waves 15.Pipeline inner diameter: 6000~5mm
0. Flow range: 00.30~6m/s
1. Measurement accuracy: better than ±7%
0. Signal average: 100~8s 1. Corresponding time: 75s
(single channel), 9ms optional.
20. Working power supply: NiMH battery can last for more than 220 hours or 15VAC, tolerance ± 10%
2. Power consumption: 11W
220. Charging: Adopt the charging only mode, directly connected to AC12V, automatically stop when sufficient, and display green light2
. Weight: net weight 0.<> (main unit)
Remarks: Equipped with a high-strength protective box, it can be applied in harsh environments such as field and underground

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